I guess you all know the social network Instagram – cellular application (also accessible via computer) that allows users to share photos and add a little text. But of course it is much more Instagram photo-sharing app, you can use it to promote business on the Internet and advertising campaigns.

Many articles talk about how one can use the network Instagram for advertising, SEO and online businesses. The basis of all methods for obtaining successive talks and shakes There are various methods for this: Following the purchase, replacement shakes, use Bhastags etc. Much to my surprise none of the articles in the area is not talking about the use of activities organized by Instagram itself to promote your photos and your Instagram account.

Instagram company organizes some activities which it publishes on her blog (you can find the link to the blog on the home page of Instagram) or Instagram account instagram #. With participation in these activities can promote your Instagram account and all business activities related to your business.

One of the ways you can use the Instagram blog to promote yourself is participating in the project the weekend of network Instagram ( Weekend hashtags project ). In this project every week Instagram community leaders chosen topic and invite users to send pictures to this subject. Examples of issues that have featured in recent times – fairy tales, words expressed through the image, geometry, small shops, near and far. The users select the images Bhastags weekly and it will help get more exposure images. Some of the images appear Instagram's blog page which will give you an advantage. Even if your photo does not appear on the blog page of Instagram is still of views thanks to the people who will be looking for more pictures under the hashtag of the project this week.

How to use the project's Instagram weekend to promote your business? If you want the answer in one word then the word is creativity. You should always be creative in business and promoting your business and think about how you can send a photo to serve your advertising message and adjust the project the weekend of Instagram. Image of the logo of your business will not achieve any goal, you must do so in a subtle and sophisticated. Even if your photo does not publish the business directly can help it's still you get more followers. Finally a small note – no way to mark an image that is not relevant to the project of the project Bhastag weekly weekly – it just hurt you and will bring you new followers to your account